What a long, strange trip it’s been …

January 30, 2012 — Portland, OR

Pearl has arrived at her new base at the Watergate Yachting Center in Kemah, TX, about half way between Houston and Galveston. She’s off the truck and back on blocks at South Texas Yacht Services, under the care of John Blakeway. She’s covered with road filth, been driven through snow, then run into something that ripped out her port side gate stanchion, and for extra points the paint on the leading edge of her rudder has been worn off.  What a long strange trip it must have been.

Next steps:

  • Light up the insurance companies to get Pearl fixed
  • Head down to TX and start gluing Pearl back together
  • Get polished and back to looking like her shiny self

Depressing pictures of Pearl on the hard in Texas follow. Waaaah!!!

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