The end of the beginning

Portland, OR — March 17, 2012

Weeks of waiting following relaunching Pearl and returning to Portland to pack up are almost at an end. The house has a tenant. While the lease needs to be inked, that’s pretty much a done deal. The details are agreed. And the tenant is ready to move in. Interestingly, he would like the place furnished, which makes the move easier for me.

The stuff from Portland that’s headed to Pearl is packed and staged by the front door. There’s a bunch of gear: a Nova Lift to help get heavy stuff like the dinghy engine on and off without mishap; a life raft; an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB); books; tools; spares; charts; the list goes on. I’m not sure where we are going to store some of this stuff, but it’s headed down to Texas. The rest of the stuff is stored in the master suite upstairs.

It’s amazing how much stuff one collects over time and how much of it is used so little of the time. Things just but wait around until one needs the perfect thing for the perfect occasion. Living on Pearl will be an interesting departure from this lifestyle. Hopefully it will be an exercise in doing less with more — except for Harley. I am experiencing serious separating anxiety from him. He has been the metronome of my life for a while. He expects to go to the park about an hour before sunset to fetch his ball. That’s it.

While we are ready to push off from Texas, we still aren’t quite ready to jump off into the Caribbean and the wild blue yonder. Pearl is still undocumented. The officials in Sri Lanka charged with getting her registered there are dragging their feet. Why? I think it’s because they can. Perhaps they are looking for some consideration. Perhaps they are really busy. Regardless of the answer Pearls entry into the Caribbean is being delayed. Tick-rock. Hurricane season approaches and perhaps Pearl should be in the Med.



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