Hurricane Isaac Inbound — what-ta-do, what-ta-do?

This hurricane thing is beginning to look a bit more real than I would prefer. And, instead of curling to the North East and heading for Miami as I was hoping it seems to be taking a more westerly track. As of right now, Key West seems to be in the path of the eye. Yikes!

So what does this mean for Pearl? She is about to get stripped of all canvas. Sheets and lines that can be removed will come off. Loose stuff on board will be put away and she’ll be tied down, lines doubled, with chafe guards.

The great thing about where I am is that the Sunset Marina is moderately well protected from winds. It also has floating docs which means that when there is a storm surge, the boat will move with the dock, lines relatively tight, holding her in place rather than loose enough to accommodate the surge giving her room to thrash around in the wind. Basically, I don’t think I can do much better than here I am for upto a category 3 hurricane.

I’ve been out at anchor in higher winds (50-55kts) than Isaac is showing at the moment. Pearl handled just fine so I am not particularly worried. The only issue is that these winds will be for longer so I need to get a bunch of chafe gear in place.

Stay tuned.

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