Video: Harley Climbs a swim ladder

One of my biggest concerns with having Harley on board when out sailing is that he will hop off the boat while at anchor and not be able to get back on — without help from either Lisa or myself. I figure if a cat can be trained to poop in a toilet, Harley can be taught to climb a swim ladder.

So when Lisa and I were in Andersonl, South Carolina, about a month or so ago, we visited a her family friends on Lake Hartwell. This proved to be the perfect opportunity to try teaching Harley how to climb out of the water using a swim ladder. If you noticed the video of the sharks at sunset marina, you’d understand why I’ve been reluctant to try this experiment of the boat at the dock.

For those of you who are interested, here’s video of Harley’s first attempt at climbing a swim ladder.

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