Crossing to Bimini: We (finally) did it

There are is a bunch of lead-up to this post that I haven’t got out yet. The bottom line is that Lisa and I have broken out of Key West, and are now in Bimini. We made our crossing on the 20th. The weather couldn’t have been better. We left our a Continue reading ...!

Generators: Comparing Honda 2000i to Yamaha 2000i

Having installed an air conditioner, we then faced the questions of powering it while at anchor. If you are wondering about our sudden fascination with air conditioning, while the ideal is a boat swinging quietly  at anchor, loved one(s) ensconced c Continue reading ...!

Adding Air Conditioning: A Helpful Digression

Lisa and I don’t do well together when it’s too hot to sleep. We bicker. Tempers fray. Harley the dog tries to find a place to hide. None of that works well on a small boat. A couple of summers ago we solved this problem by jerry rigging Continue reading ...!