The Patter of Little Feet

Hi Denise! Remember  the nightmare you had about getting up in the morning and finding an alligator in the cockpit? Well, Lisa almost had a similar experience on the bow. Say “Hello!” to our little friend.

A largish Chameleon


As you see, this critter is contemplating moving into the anchor locker. Fortunately we caught it before it went in as I am not sure it would have been able to get out.

While it would have been HILARIOUS to see Lisa’s response to finding this critter while trying to anchor. There is a fairly good chance that I would have found it.  You know how enthusiastic I am about wrangling squiggly things.

Fortunately, the patter of little feet we’d hear on deck periodically was not a giant rat (I refrained from investigating), but this guy or one of his cousins.

We hope you are being good, or least being good at it. With us, the adventure continues.

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