From Bimini to the Abacos — Part 4 Little Harbor

Getting from Sandy Point around the Hole in the Wall at the bottom of the Abacos and into the Sea of Abaco was the second longest ride we had made so far. It took us from Sandy Point down the Providence Channel and out into the Atlantic. This was ano Continue reading ...!

From Bimini to the Abacos — Part 3 Sandy Point

The trip from Bullocks Harbor was another crossing of sorts. We had to get across the Providence Channel. After the Straights of Florida and the gulf stream, this was another very deep body of water with very steep banks. It also had a current that c Continue reading ...!

From Bimini to the Abacos — Part 1 Mackey Shoals

Having parked in Bimini for a couple of days, we took the next weather window to head for the the north eastern Abacos. This area’s reputed to be a cruising heaven, so guess what, we had to check it out. The area has great services, it’s Continue reading ...!