A visit from Isaac

It looks pretty certain that Key West will get a direct hit from Isaac. Whether it be a tropical storm or a category 1 hurricane is yet to be seen. Regardless, Pearl is READY. Everything on deck has been secured. The sails while still on have been tied down independently of the furling systems so that they are very unlikely to unravel. Dock lines and spring lines have been doubled and have chafe protection (thank you Denise!). Pearl may be mildly rolly but should stay in place nicely.

One of the big issues with a hurricane is storm surge winds that push water onshore as the eye passes over. Pearl is in good shape on both counts. She’s tucked away in a hurricane hole (the best one in the keys for a category 3+). The docks at the marina are floating concrete piers. This is ideal as the docks will move with any surge. Also, the entrance to the harbor is from the north which means that it will not get the full effect of a surge. Additionally, perhaps the surge will be mitigated by the lower than average tide and out going tide when the eye passes — if Isaac behaves as expected.

And now it’s just the waiting ….

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