Pigoletto and and the Pirate Pub Crawl

As it turned out, the day that Pigoletto arrived in Key West coincided with the first annual “Talk Like a Pirate” pub crawl. How could we resist. We had to join. Urged on by my friend MaryLynne from the Pirate Costume Store on Simonton St., we donned pirate attire and headed out for the evening.

The first stop was, predictably, named the Rum Barrel — the only bar in Key West that seems to serve the Kraken. For those of you haven’t tried Kraken, my only advice is “don’t.” It makes one do stupid things like walk up to total strangers and say things like “Aaaaar! Matey!”, and “Huzzah!!!”

Needless to say the evening was lots of fun. Even though I don’t encourage, support, or otherwise endorse piracy would I do it again: absolutely. Most of the Pirates were from the local sailing community, and are genuinely interested in the seamanship and maritime traditions. It was nice to meet and engage with them. I will save my thoughts re actual Pirates for another time.


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