Crossing to the Bahama: Cabin Fever

For those of you who have been reading these posts, Lisa and I keep threatening to cross to the Bahamas and then back off. The dock-itis we were experiencing earlier is now working itself into full blown cabin fever.

The fact that I’ve been out of commission for most of a month is not helping the cause. I am now back to about 90% — the pain in my leg from a bad case of Sciatica is mostly gone.

There’s a weather window coming up at the end of this week and we should be in position to leave BUT Lisa wanted her family to come visit in June. The only way we can have them visit without paying an egregious amount in airfare is to stay put in Key West for another month until they leave.

All our departure prep has stopped and in many cases is being reversed to accommodate our guest. Perhaps we will go sailing locally in the interim, or perhaps we’ll figure out an alternative to Lisa’s family visiting us on the boat. Regardless, something needs to give. Trying to cruise based on someone else’s schedule tends to end badly, and that is where we seem to be headed right now.

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