Crossing to the Bahamas: Take “35”

If you are reading this post, Lisa and I have left for the Bahamas. We are en route, and I no longer have the ability to change the publish date on the post.

The last couple of weeks since Lisa’s kids were visiting have been excruciating. We took a brief break and did a shakedown cruise following the kids visit for Lisa’s birthday. After that, we’ve been getting the boat prepped to depart.

Something we decided after we took the kids and Pearl out to the Marquesas was that we needed solar panels. This had to do with draining the batteries completely and having to use the generator to recharge them.

The solar panels have been ordered and installed. All the fuel cans have been filled. Provisions have been purchased and vacuum sealed. Except for some minor tidying up, we are ready to go.

Our original plan was to leave Key West, hop up the coast, and make landfall in the Bahamas at Bimini. I wanted to do this to avoid sailing at night. We may harbor hop up the Florida keys, or we may hop out into the Gulf Stream. You will have to read our next post to find that out.

In the mean time, the winds and swells look fair, so we plan to go for it. Stay tuned for more, ideally from the Bahamas!


7 thoughts on “Crossing to the Bahamas: Take “35””

  1. Ummm. Technical foul. I’d post dated the post since I was *sure* we were leaving. Unfortunately the refridgertion decided to glitch. In the flurry to try to save a 6 weeks of provisioning, I forgot to reset the timer on the post. So … We are still in key west.

    Every time I try to go to the Bahamas something glitches and delays us. I’m beginning to wonder whether we should head to Mexico.

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